Aimee mann concert dates

Charmer is her latest album that was released in 2012.

Just like her other records, this album also features some of her greatest hits.

Her alluring voice, unique style and extraordinary music all make her stand apart from other rock stars.

At her upcoming concert, you will get a chance to listen to her best hits.

Other tracks you can hear in this marvellous movie are “One”, “Wise Up” and “Save Me”.When Aimee Mann was in her younger years she used to sing in punk rock band the Young Snakes, before she formed the new wave band ‘Til Tuesday together with two other men. Single frauen österreich Their debut album released in 1985 and is called ‘Voices Carry’.out May 9 on V2 Records, Aimee Mann has announced her first UK gigs in two years.The talented singer-songwriter will be playing London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on July 16 as well as dates in Manchester and Glasgow.

Aimee mann concert dates

She has a huge fan following and her lovers never miss out any chance to see their favorite music icon perform right in front of their eyes. Other than being a superb singer, she is also an unparalleled guitarist, songwriter and bassist. Her punk band The Young Snakes released the EP Bark Along that achieved a lot of popularity.Mann also co-founded the new wave band 'Til Tuesday.It was received well by her fans, as was I'm with Stupid that was hailed around the world. 2 and Lost in Space include some other great works by this music icon. Aimee mann concert dates-6 Every number of hers is powerful and reaches into your heart.But if you still have not gotten a chance to discover her live, you must not miss this opportunity as she is going to perform in theaters near you very soon.

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