Berlin single crossword puzzle clue

Had a weird lot of trouble getting started, but once I got going, had no real trouble. At least today's are mostly terse and not strained.Obvious theme (helps when you've seen it before) made super easy to pick up, and so I had toeholds all over the place on this one. I think I realized why I tend not to like Fridays of late—they seem to be the "overload on '? Notepad entries come from Across Lite files and generally either duplicate notes in the print version or describe variations from the print version.

15, 1942, we are beginning today a series of puzzles co-constructed by famous people who solve the Times crossword, working together with regular Times puzzle contributors.Note: When completed, the outer squares in this puzzle will contain each of the 26 letters of the alphabet exactly once.When this puzzle is completed, the circled letters will form a path (starting in the first circle of 93-Across) spelling out the puzzle's theme.Although this puzzle can be solved in Across Lite, the print version contains elements that the software cannot reproduce.We recommend using the PDF, or alternatively one of the other available electronic versions. This puzzle appeared in a prior tournament and had a 15-minute time limit.

Berlin single crossword puzzle clue

The first such collaboration, below, is by the actor Jesse Eisenberg "The Social Network," "Rio," "Now You See Me," "Batman vs.Superman: Dawn of Justice") and Patrick Blindauer (with his 55th Times contribution).Surely someone at the NYT should have remembered that this theme has been done before—just this past August!But then this is also kind of a themeless (just 70 words, very thin theme content), so ... Feels betwixt and between, and for that reason, and despite the manifest greatness of , I didn't enjoy it much. A bit on the easy side, but full of mostly interesting words.CELEBRITY CROSSWORD To mark the 75th anniversary of the New York Times crossword, which debuted in 1942, we are publishing a series of puzzles co-created by famous people who solve the Times crossword, working together with regular Times puzzle contributors.

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