Emsa single window

Developer: Martin Nordholts Interaction Architect: Peter Sikking ’s look and feel match modern users expectations.All but a few plug-ins have been ported over to Cairo as well.This is an appealing feature for multi-monitor users where one screen can have a big dock window with all the dialogs and the tools, while all images are on other displays.Developer: Martin Nordholts Interaction Architect: Peter Sikking The docking bars have been removed and replaced with overlaid highlights.

Emsa single window

Developers: Daniel Eddeland, Michael Natterer Since the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl E and Ctrl Shift E have been repurposed for the image export mechanisms, new keyboard shortcuts have been setup for ‘Shrink Wrap’ and ‘Fit in Window’, namely Ctrl J and Ctrl Shift J respectively.Expressions such as ‘30in 40px’ and ‘4 * 5.4in’ work, too.Developer: Fredrik Alströmer The brush dynamics engine has been expanded considerably, making almost all aspects of the brush engine drivable by a multitude of inputs, all of them configurable with their own response curve.Additionally all tools now use an on-canvas progress indicator instead of the one in the statusbar.Developer: Michael Natterer Text editing with the Text Tool is now performed on-canvas instead of in a separate window.

Emsa single window

Developer: Martin Nordholts Enhancements have also been made to the size entry widget, which is used for inputting most of the x, y, width, height parameters.For example, in the scale dialog it is now possible to write ‘50%’ in the Width field to scale the image to 50% of the width.It is now used in the Tools Options dockable dialog for opacity control and most options of brush based tools. Emsa single window-79Emsa single window-33 Another useful feature for users of advanced input devices such as graphic tablets is a completely new dialog for input device configuration which allows configuring per-device pressure curves to compensate for hardware differences and personal per-pen preferences.Developers: Michael Natterer, Alexia Death tool has been added thanks to the excellent work of one of our Google Summer of Code 2010 students.

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The tool implements an innovative approach to free transformation and makes it possible to easily warp parts of objects using an adjustable user-defined polygonal frame.Because of the expansion, dynamics were separated from tool options and converted into a resource in their own right.The Google Summer of Code 2009 Advanced for Brush Dynamics project was the start of its development.People with Intuos tablets and either Artpen or Airbrush styluses will be glad to find that Airbrush wheel and Artpen rotation are available for driving dynamics via the ‘Wheel’ input.Developers: Michael Natterer, Alexia Death , but currently only while being viewed as a list.

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