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However, Seeds’s attorney, Margaret Kegel, of Santa Fe, called into question the strength of the expert’s opinion.

Signatures scrutinized Sixteen voters testified as witnesses in the case, with all of them saying it is, indeed, their signature on outer envelopes of the absentee ballots, and most saying they felt harassed or intimidated by New Mexico State Police officers, who came looking for them at their places of work, while they were investigating criminal allegations of voter fraud parallel to Lewis’ civil lawsuit. Van Valkenburgh came out of retirement in order to testify in the case.State Elections Director Kari Fresquez, with the Office of the Secretary of State, said if Singleton finds that the election was faulty, there is no way the election could be completely redone. singlebörse kostenlos test Moerskontaktanzeigen sie sucht sie Berlin However, she said, if Singleton finds good cause, she would be able to disqualify all of the absentee ballots that were counted.Aguilar said she and Kelli Romero, a former state election director hired by City Clerk Anna Squires to help run the election, taped them back together and gave them to Dyon so that he could return them to his grandparents to sign.Aguilar said she saw Dyon get in a white two-door car, likely his Mustang, with a pair of people in their 20s.

Sarah singleton judge

Kegel argued that he did not have enough samples in order to make clear and convincing evidence of voter fraud.“It’s a money issue,” Graeser said, referring to Lewis’s inability to pay for more legal advice and more time for Van Valkenburgh to review more signatures.He said it’s most common for a person’s signature to change over their lifetime, but a signature can stay the same over the course of 10 years.One signature on an absentee ballot outer envelope, that of Justin Jacquez, is noticeably different from Jacquez’s signature on his voter registration application completed on Jan.“His signature was very professional,” Lenora said.

However, Thomas Van Valkenburgh, a former forensic handwriting expert, said the signature that appears on the outer envelope of Lee Roy Herrera’s absentee ballot is more of a scribble.

“Dyon was in the car, I saw him open one of the ballots,” Aguilar said.

Three to four minutes later, she said, Dyon returned to city hall bearing ballots that had signatures on them.

22, 2016, less than two months before the election.

Graeser said case law allows Singleton to give more weight to Van Valkenburgh’s testimony than the statements of witnesses.

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