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She was crowned as Augusta (Oct 7, 610) when she assumed the additional name of Eudocia.

Fabia Eudocia was the mother of a daughter, Epiphania Eudocia, who died a nun, and of the future emperor Constantius III (612 – 641).

Singles in landau an der isar

She died at the Blachernae Palace in Constantinople of an attack of epilepsy, whilst recovering from the strain of childbirth, and was interred in the church of the Holy Apostles.Her younger sister, Fabia Ambusta Minor, became the wife of Gaius Licinius Stolo (living 357 BC), who served as tribune of the plebs (376 – 367 BC).Fabia Eudocia – (593 – 612) Byzantine Augusta Fabia Augusta was the daughter of Rogatus, governor of Africa, and became the first wife (610) of the Emperor Heraklius I (575 – 641).She corresponded with the noted poet, Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1724 – 1803).Madame Fabricius was the author of the tragedy Sandel, Cora Fabris, Eleanora – (1840 – 1910) Italian contralto vocalist Eleanora Dorodi was born in Italy, the daughter of Camillo Dorodi, the famous baritone under whom she trained.

Singles in landau an der isar

Camilla was seperated from her son and sent from the court.Her family wished her to be married as was appropriate to her rank, but Camilla wished to enter a convent and live as a laywoman.After resisting the efforts of her family to marry for several years she was permitted to enter the convent of Corpus Christi in Ferrara (1622) where she became a nun of the Clarissan order and remained for the rest of her life. Fabbiri, Inez – (1831 – 1909) American soprano Born Agnes Schmidt in Austria, she trained as an operatic performer, and with some considerable vocal talent, she achieved fame in New York (1866) with a well publicized feud with the Italian soprano Adelina Patti. Singles in landau an der isar-25Singles in landau an der isar-3Singles in landau an der isar-8 Inez Fabbiri later performed in Canada and during the (1875 – 1876) season both directed and performed in over sixty separate operas.Eleanora Fabris died (April 14, 1910) in Sydney, and was interred with her husband in Waverley cemetery. c1790 – 1797) Italian vocalist Her first recorded performance in England was as Lenina in .

Her roles during her second season (1796 – 1797) were not as prestigious, despite the fact that her strong, clear voice, and comic performances were admired by contemporaries.

She is chiefly remarkable for having drawn from St Jerome the denouncement of double marriage, the earliest utterance of the church on that subject, contained in his fifty-fifth letter.

Fabiola then sold her estates and with Pammachius, she founded and organized a public hospital at Ostia (Porto), near Rome, the first such establishment recorded in Europe, participating herself in the day to day nursing of patients and other activities.

In 1876 the couple came to Sydney, Australia with Lyster’s and Eleanora appeared in numerous operatic roles and concerts, being especially noted in the role of Azucena the gypsy in Giuseppe Verdi’s .

Upon her retirement (1890) a benefit concert was held for her at the Sydney Town Hall.

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