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We have regular meetings about every month and more or less regularly organize a public meeting with all the Ph D Students at GSI.You should think about joining the docteam, too if you have some ideals.In the DESPEC (DEcay SPECtroscopy) experiment, the radioactive ions are slowed down and come to rest in a stack of a highly segmented silicon-based, implantation and decay detector system (AIDA).

Due to the fact that virtually all Ph D Students at GSI are part of HGS-HIRe the official channel for complaints, problems with GSI or the grad school is Pradeep Ghosch, elected Ph D representative at HGS HIRe.It will also be possible to combine HISPEC and DESPEC for recoil decay studies, with the DESPEC detectors being placed at the end of the magnetic spectrometer. date sider gratis Herlev We try to announce upcoming events by students for students and to keep a handy range of documents relating the buerocratic battles you may face at GSI. We hope that it can serve both current and new colleagues as a source of information on how buerocracy, work and daily life at GSI combine.The page is maintained by a group of Ph D-students, the "Docteam".

Casual dating kostenlos Darmstadt

To do so you can simply write an e-mail to [email protected], we're open to everybody.Interesting things for newcomers at GSI can also be found in the internal area of the GSI homepage.There will be different events to support the training and education needs. casual dating kostenlos Darmstadt-49casual dating kostenlos Darmstadt-53casual dating kostenlos Darmstadt-78 These training events have started with the nestor Spring School 2007 and are continued with workshops and seminars.The nestor project has identified an extensive necessity for training and education in digital long term preservation.

For this reason nestor is in the process of developing a concept for training, education and instruction in the field of digital preservation together with other existing institutions (library, archives and museum) that offer professional training.

The current (April 2013) members of this mailing list are: Be informed, that Helmholtz-Juniors are NOT elected by the Ph D students, we just work voluntarily together to make sure things go well for Ph D students at GSI. If you want to reach ALLof the GSI Ph D students, send a message to [email protected] However, to become an editor you have to have an account at the GSI wiki and you have to be a member of the user group " Phd Students Group".

Contact somebody who is already a member of that group to make you a member of it, too. If you have a specific question concerning the work of Ph D students at GSI or any topic which is not covered here, please contact the Ph D representatives at GSI via [email protected] contact them directly.

On the other hand nestor cooperates with international partners in the field of education and training and is willing to contribute to joint international joint efforts.

The HISPEC/DESPEC experiments are intended to address questions in nuclear structure, reactions and nuclear astrophysics by means of high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy based on cutting edge germanium detector technology.

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