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Since Augsburg was a free city and had no prince, citizens of both faiths stayed.

The Peace of Augsburg was short-lived, interrupted in 1618 by the Thirty Years War.

Among them are such master painters as Hans Burgkmair and both Holbeins (the Elder and the Younger); Elias Holl, Germany's leading Renaissance architect who created most of the city's splendid treasures; Mozart's father Leopold, who got his musical training at the local Jesuit high school, St.

Salvator; Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the engine that bears his name, and the rebel Bertolt Brecht whose sharp-tongued irreverence and Marxist proclivities Augsburgers did not really forgive until earlier this year when the house of his birth, bought and renovated by the city, was opened as a museum.

You will also find information on seat reservations, the saver fare finder and Bahn Cards.Over 20 centuries there have been many famous visitors to the city.The most renowned was Martin Luther, summoned to Augsburg in 1518 to recant his 95 Theses before the papal emissary, Cardinal Thomas de Vio, known as Cajetan. Anne, which is on Annastrasse, now the main shopping mall.Miraculously, the city escaped that conflict virtually unscathed. The February 1944 air raid, aimed at the Messerschmitt plant and at Maschinenfabrik-Augsburg-Nurnberg (M-A-N), where Rudolf Diesel had developed the Diesel engine, left some ugly gaps in the historic fabric.Nonetheless, few other large German cities have as much to offer visitors in terms of architectural splendor, art treasures, living history or medieval and Renaissance patina.

Casual dating portale Augsburg

It should not, especially when the issue is the 2,000th anniversary of a city that has as much to offer - in history, great native sons, art treasures and charm -as Augsburg. There being no year dated zero between the eras, the birthday party is being held a year too soon; it ought to be in 1986.Nonetheless, the year troubles Augsburgers and dampens their claim that it is Germany's second-oldest city. the settlement became the capital of the province of Raetia and was named Augusta Vindelicorum, the citadel of Augustus in the land of the Vindelicians, a Celtic tribe. C., when the Romans were subjugating the Celts in this part of the empire north of the Alps. But Augsburgers, after much debate, decided not to let the intricacies of arithmetic stand in the way of a grand party.The five-naved Dom, much of it Romanesque with Gothic additions, has been brightly renovated for the city's anniversary. casual dating portale Augsburg-32casual dating portale Augsburg-72 Within are masterpieces including four altarpieces by Holbein the Elder and five windows depicting biblical prophets that date from 1140 and are said to be among the oldest examples of stained glass in the world.When the heated, days-long debate reached an impasse, Luther, warned not to trust an imperial letter of safe conduct he carried, left town at night through a small door in the city wall, opened by sympathizers.

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Luther had many sympathizers in Augsburg, and it was not long before the city was as much a center of the Reformation as was Luther's native province of Saxony. Anne became Protestant seven years after Luther's visit.

The gems have all been brightly polished for this anniversary year, and the best way to see them is to walk.

Sturdy shoes are recommended, and not merely because most of the historic streets are paved with cobblestones over which, legend has it, Napoleon tripped on visits in 18.

Next to it stands the Perlachturm, once an 11th-century watchman's turret, then a church belfry, and now a largely decorative campanile. until the end of August when work will begin again.

The 1944 air raid left the Rathaus a gutted shell, the greatest interior loss being that of its Golden Chamber, a 6,000-square-foot, three-story reception hall with painted cedar ceiling, frescoes, intricately carved paneling and lavish gold leaf decor. Admission, as in nearly all the city's museums, is free.

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