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The man who died on July 5th was identified by an Australian news agency as Anthony James Hurley, 24, of Melbourne. I think we are waiting for someone to wake us and say it was just a horrible nightmare . But numerous reports from people on-site indicate there were sound problems at the delay towers to the rear of the crowd, which may have incited people to press forward to hear better.

Readers' Poll: The Ten Greatest Debut Albums At A. on Saturday, July 1st, a Roskilde staff member told the dazed, distraught crowd at the Orange Stage that the last scheduled band of the night, the Cure, would not be playing. Jannik Tai Mosholt says that the sound, even up front, was "all treble and too quiet.

dating 50 Roskilde

At the Orange Stage, Johansen, standing about ten feet to his left of center stage, went to work, pulling kids to safety from the tidal crush of the mosh pit.The perimeter is dotted with cattle sheds, and the location is often used for agricultural events.A cold drizzle had turned at least part of the Roskilde turf into mud on Friday.The pick-up time will be calculated automatically taking into account journey time and check-in time at airport."" data-content='Each passenger may carry one standard piece of luggage and one small item of hand luggage (for example a handbag or laptop).If you have additional or extra large baggage or sporting equipment, please select the "Additional luggage options" and complete the form.

Dating 50 Roskilde

"It's the law in Denmark," Rungstroem says, "to protect the families." But has learned the identities of four of the victims. And there are absolutely no words to express our anguish in regard to the parents and loved ones of these precious lives that were lost. Our lives will never be the same, but we know that is nothing compared to the grief of the families and friends of those involved. Sorenson also said it was unlikely that criminal charges would be filed.The Swedes were Carl-Johan Gustafsson, 20; Fredrik Turesson, 22; and Henrik Bondebjer, 22. We have not yet been told what actually occurred, but it seemed random and sickeningly quick . Based on interviews conducted by and accounts published in the Danish media, it appears there was no single concerted rush by fans to the stage when Pearl Jam came on, or at any time during the aborted set.The guy in front of me could see the problems they had and said, ' Push the other way.' We did that three times, but it didn't help at all." "It was tight even before the music started – people were stumbling left and right," says Tomas Miller, 19, who was also at the front of the crowd. Eighteen-year-old Sara Kastrup told the Danish newspaper that she had friends close to the stage who were "standing on one of the poor people. When they saw it was a person lying on the ground, they couldn't get off." Another woman, identified only as Charlotte, told that she saw five people standing on a man and that she tried to pull him up. dating 50 Roskilde-35dating 50 Roskilde-32dating 50 Roskilde-22 "I went crazy," she said, "and yelled, ' Move, move, he's got to get up, he's got to get up.' But they didn't move, even though they must have sensed they were standing on him. M., forty-five minutes into Pearl Jam's set, Per Johansen turned to his security chief in the pit and asked her to stop the music, telling her, "I think people are dead." Johansen claims he repeated his request twice and that another member of the pit crew said it a fourth time."We'd had that [size] crowd before," he notes, "and there was no problem." Within an hour, the area directly in front of Johansen had turned into a rock & roll hell.

Eight young men, ages seventeen to twenty-six, suffocated to death in the mosh pit as Pearl Jam performed. The Roskilde Festival – one of Europe's most popular summer concert events, held for the past twenty-nine years in the small farming community of Roskilde, twenty-five miles west of Copenhagen – had become the scene of one of the worst concert-related death tolls in rock history, just two short of the tragic stampede at the Who concert at Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum in December 1979.

The number of victims quickly overwhelmed the Orange Stage's regular medical station.

Wob Roberts, a British production manager for one of the other bands on the Orange Stage bill, took charge of moving trucks on the loading dock to facilitate the passage of injured to another area. We are using walkie-talkies." In either case, Vedder got the message too late. "If you have a faith, please pray for the victims and their families, and for everyone who was involved.

(Music at the festival's other stages continued. M.) Shortly thereafter, Pearl Jam issued a statement: "This is so painful . It sounded so wrong." Rainy weather and muddy conditions at Roskilde were cited in initial interviews and press reports as contributing factors.

The site of the Roskilde Festival is, in fact, farmland.

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