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According to French journalist, Philippe Aziz, in an interview, this child was supposed to have been traced in 1973 to a "Kressler" family in Pomßen.However, Benzenhöfer came to the conclusion, after several days of investigation, that "Child K" was in fact Gerhard Herbert Kretschmar, born on the 20 February 1939 in Pomßen and who died on 25 July 1939.

datingseiten test Göttingen

This notion claimed to have natural law on its side.These requests were especially tragic, because under existing laws a doctor was not allowed to take such wishes into account. dating hjemmesider Stevns Because the department, as we were reminded again and again, was under Hitler's orders to deal on precisely with such cases that could not be resolved legally, Dr.This office was an agency of the Nazi Party and a private chancellery placed under the direct authority of Hitler which employed about 195 staff in 1939.Main Office IIb under Hans Hefelmann and his deputy, Richard von Hegener, was responsible for "clemency".

Datingseiten test Göttingen

[...] If, nevertheless, it turns out that the newborn baby is a weak and misbegotten child, the medical council, which decides on citizenship for the community, should prepare a gentle death for it, say, using a little dose of morphine [...] ".In 1935 Hitler also announced at the Nuremberg Nazi Party to the Reich Medical Leader Gerhard Wagner that he should aim to "eliminate the incurably insane", at the latest, in the event of a future war." The elimination of "undesirable elements" was implemented under the term "euthanasia" at the beginning of the Second World War.This form of eugenics was eventually the basis of the National Socialist genetic health policy which was elevated to the rank of state doctrine.In 1929 Hitler said at the Nazi Party Conference in Nuremberg, "that an average annual removal of 700,000-800,000 of the weakest of a million babies meant an increase in the power of the nation and not a weakening".All those with hereditary illnesses or who were severely mentally and physically handicapped were classified as "lives unworthy of life" (lebensunwertes Leben).

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