Senior dating dk Vordingborg

It is also renowned for its jazz Festival, as well as its numerous outdoor cultural events.

The house has served as hostel and museum through the years.Gavnø Castle Park is called “The most beautiful garden in Denmark”.Every year new effects and colours are on display, so that not two seasons are alike.At Karrebæksminde, you will find south Sjælland’s best beach.The fine sand beach, the blue flag, and the child-friendly water depth, make this pearl a wonderful holiday spot for everyone, who loves the beach, the sea, and beach life.

Senior dating dk Vordingborg

It is also in Korsør you will find one of the most beautiful situated 18-hole golf courses in the area.The town’s name – Korsør – is mentioned in 1241 for the first time, and it is from this time, the well preserved Middle Age tower originates; it is really worth a visit.The area is perfect for bicycle tours and the bird life is exceptional - not at least because of the many beautiful birds of prey.You can also take a fishing trip on the fiord, and catch crabs, flatfish and fiord-shrimps.It is situated right outside Næstved by Holme-Olstrup.

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you enjoy the magnificent view to Storstrømmen, from the foundation of the old castle tower, "Jomfrutårnet" ("The Virgin Tower"), in Vordingborg, it is not difficult to spot a Middle Age ship in the horizon.

And during the Swedish and British Wars, the Storstrømmen crossing was guarded from the island.

Repeatedly, the island has been caught up in historic events due to its central location, next to one of the main passages between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe Since 1995, the fort has been protected as a national, ancient monument, equal to the Goose Tower, and the ruins of Vordingborg Castle.

Since 1997, parts of the fort have been used as a setting for art exhibitions during the summer, organized in cooperation with the Visual Artists' Association.

The exhibitions have a focus on painting, graphics, sculptures, video as well as arts and crafts.

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