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What Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt couldn't have known was that while the water leakage episode was unfolding, agents with the Saxony State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the state-level branch of Germany's domestic intelligence service), had André E., a neo-Nazi, under surveillance only 4 kilometers away. and his twin brother Maik held "prominent positions" within the right-wing extremist community.

The authorities had become aware of the men when they were members of a group called the "White Brotherhood of the Erzgebirge" (Ore Mountains). was planning to establish a new Kameradschaft, a small militant neo-Nazi group.

For example, Böhnhardt had brought along night-vision goggles, and he also had a tattoo of a skull wearing a steel helmet.

And although the three would invite the neighbors to their tent for afternoon board-game sessions, they forbade the children from going inside the camper.

sex dating de Heilbronn

Mundlos knew his way around computers and was quick to help neighbors when they had problems with their email accounts.She said that she and her husband took care of his cats.Nevertheless, Zschäpe referred to the apartment as "home" and said that "we" had bought bathroom furniture.According to one of the campsite neighbors, he seemed childish, intelligent and was always in a good mood.Their new acquaintances at the beach thought the trio seemed cheerful, although they did notice a few peculiarities.

Sex dating de Heilbronn

The only person who could provide an answer to these questions, Beate Zschäpe, is in a prison cell in Cologne -- and is saying nothing.Vacations on Fehmarn The authorities now know that Mundlos, Böhnhardt and Zschäpe spent a vacation on the Baltic Sea in the summer of 2007.She hardly resembles the real Susann E., and investigators later discovered that her signature on the witness report was not the same as that of the real Susann E. sex dating de Heilbronn-59 Although Zschäpe had only barely escaped blowing her cover, Mundlos and Böhnhardt robbed a savings bank in Stralsund on the Baltic Sea for the second time a week later.Böhnhardt said that he delivered packages for his father's company, and that he only had vacation once a year, which was why they would always travel for several weeks at a time. She said that a friend was taking care of her cats while she was away.

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