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Create albums and galleries documenting each step of the wedding planning process, all the pre-wedding events, and the ceremony itself.

Late additions from your honeymoon are the perfect "epilogue" to your Facebook Wedding story.

It is recommended that you use Web Image Monitor operating under the same network environment as this machine.

Otherwise, the Web browser may not open and an error may occur.

you date Faxe

But for the smaller events, like the bachelorette party, where you know everyone has access to Facebook, go ahead and do the inviting, planning and RSVP coordination on your Facebook Wedding Page.This function cannot be used with Internet Fax or Mail to Print.The default setting is Specify what color files, lists and reports received under the fax function are printed in.A maximum of 500 parties can be specified in a group.See "Registering Names to a Group", Network and System Settings Guide.

You date Faxe

The default setting is Use this function to print fax documents received from programmed senders and fax documents from other senders, using different paper trays.Display of tray names may differ depending on the options installed.Note that printing is not possible if the set color toner runs out.When the set color is Cyan or Magenta, printing is not possible even if only one color of toner runs out.Facebook Groups are great for promoting interests and hobbies, but they do not have the same resources and customizable options offered with a Facebook Page. Facebook Markup Language uses many of the same rules as HTML, allowing you to upload your own content like pictures, maps and widgets to tabs and boxes on your Facebook Page.

Type FBML into the Facebook search bar and select "Add to my Page." Note: You will probably want to create more than one customized box or tab.

You must register the administrator's User Code to the destination list in advance.

This function is only available when is selected in "Reception File Setting".

For each piece of content you create after your first project in FBML, select "Edit" from the previous FBML project, then select "Add another FBML box" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. If your thumbnail picture highlights your less-than-elegant bride side, you can edit the profile picture by hovering over the profile image, clicking "Change Picture" and then clicking "Edit Thumbnail." Some of the Facebook features you already know, love, and use all the time are also great tools to take your Facebook Wedding Page to the next level.

Facebook allows profile pictures to be 200 pixels by 600 pixels (a vertical rectangle). If a picture is worth a thousand words, your Facebook Wedding Photos probably contain the equivalent of War and Peace twice over (with a happier ending of course).

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